Monday 14 March 2011

Legal action about to be lauched - but we need you to help


Newsletter No 2.

  • Counsel has advised we have a strong legal case
  • Sufficient money raised to begin the legal process, but we need more
  • Take a look at our great campaign poster:
  • Please donate what you can. Cheques made payable to "Barnet CPZ Action" can be sent to 88 Summerlee Avenue, East Finchley, London N2 9QH    
 The campaign has got off to a flying start. Nearly 70 people turned up for the first meeting on 9th March and by the end of the meeting nearly £3,000 had been donated to the seed fund. David Attfield explained the legal process and implications with great clarity and Nigel Linton ran through the potential costs. Volunteers came forward to help with fundraising, PR, lobbying, publicity and to provide witness statements for the case.

The case is being brought over a single legal challenge: that the council is not empowered to increase the parking charges for the express aim of raising revenue - which is exactly what they appear to have done.

A barrister who specialises in judicial reviews in the public sector has given his legal opinion on the grounds for the challenge and he rates our chances of success at between 65 and 75%, which means he considers we have a very good case.

Briefly, the process and related financial implications are as follows:

Stage 1: a formal notice of legal action was issued to Barnet on Friday. This gives them two weeks to respond or withdraw their plans.

Stage 2: an application will be made to the court to limit our liability for Barnet’s costs to £10,000. Estimated costs for this process are £2,000 – all of this seed funding was raised at the meeting.

Stage 3: if the court grants that limitation, with our costs estimated at £5,000  a fund of £15,000 will be needed to take our claim to court.  The claim must be issued by the end of March– that is in the next two weeks and the bulk of this money needs to have been raised or pledged before proceedings are started to ensure that David Attfield is completely financially protected.

120 people donating an average of £100 or 1200 donations of £10 is all we need.

Donations can be made by cheque (payable to “Barnet CPZ Action”) and delivered to No 88 Summerlee Ave, London N2 9QH. A Paypal account will soon be available on the website: .  Please ensure that the cheques have your name and address so that the funds can be re-distributed if we win the case.
Please get in touch if think you can help in any way.
Please have a look at our great campaign flyer!  Print it, display it, email it! We can also send you printed copies. Just email


  1. £1 to £1.02 = 102%?

    That's a very interesting concept.

    Andrew Taylor
    Finchley Arrow

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  3. If £1 is 100% then £1.02 is 102%.