Sunday 15 July 2012

Legal action delayed as Barnet miss court deadlines

Back in April we wrote that the Court of Appeal had ruled that our legal action to overturn Barnet's CPZ charges merited consideration at a full trial.  Following this, we had hoped  that by now we would have exciting news to report: an imminent trial date or perhaps even the result of the trial itself.  But instead, Barnet Council has been dragging it feet, preventing us from progressing the legal action.   

Following the announcement that the claim would go to a full trial, Barnet Council were given 35 days to put forward any further arguments and evidence. That time passed and they served nothing. Then they asked for more time, which we agreed to. Then they asked for even more time. By then, Barnet were due to file their papers by 8 July but we again heard nothing. Apparently Barnet are still intending to serve something in defence of their position: we shall see.

The unfortunate consequence is delay. Without seeing their evidence, the court wouldn't fix a date for the trial. So we wait and wait. Meanwhile Barnet's CPZ residents continue to pay outrageous charges.      

Barnet have also been ordered to repay to David Attfield around £1,000 in legal costs that he had had to pay as a result of the unsuccessful February  hearing. That hasn't been received either.

Is it laziness or incompetence that is causing the delay or is it tactical in that Barnet hope that people will get used to the charges?  Either way, we have waited long enough. It's time for Barnet Council to  step forward and let itself be judged. 

Saturday 7 July 2012

BBC Breakfast Show

4th July 2012

Gaby Roslin and Paul Ross chat about the problems of London parking, including their own experiences, together with comments from Council representatives and phone-ins.  One of the interviewees is from Barnet CPZ Action and discusses some of the problems in Barnet.