Donation Policy

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Your Donation to Barnet CPZ Action

  1. Your donation will be used to support legal proceedings brought by David Attfield against Barnet Council as a representative of Barnet’s CPZ residents. The action will seek to overturn the Council’s proposed increased charges in controlled parking zones.

  1. Our target is to raise £15,000.  Of this, £10,000 will be kept as a contingency in case we are required to pay Barnet’s legal costs. The rest will fund our case:  mainly barrister’s fees and court fees. 

  1. In the opinion of our barrister, there is a good prospect that we will win (65 to 75%) and that the increased charges will be overturned.  However, we can only bring the case if we secure the funding we need. We will be asking the court at the outset to set a limit to our exposure to Barnet's legal costs which will be vital if we are to be able to continue further.

  1. If we win, we should be able to return most of the donated money*.  If we lose or are forced to withdraw the case, it is unlikely that we will be able to return any significant money.

  1. The trustees of the fund are David Attfield and Nigel Linton, a qualified accountant. All payments out of the fund require the signatures of both David and Nigel.  Receipts will be issued for all donations.

Thinking of making a donation?
    • How much will you save each year if the increases are overturned?
    • You should get most of your money back if we win*
    • Will your neighbourhood be better if more residents pave over their front gardens in order to park?
    • And could these excessive parking charges affect the value of your home? Compare your CPZ with, say, Fortis Green CPZ where residents will pay a maximum of 60p for a visitor.     

All donations will be enthusiastically received but, to ensure we meet our target, we ask everyone who is able to make a donation of at least £100.

Please make cheques payable to “Barnet CPZ Action” 

You  can also donate online with PayPal at

*In the event that we are able to return money, we will give priority to donations over £20. Any remaining money will then be donated to the North London Hospice.  If you are donating £20 or less and would prefer that we return your share of any left over money to you, please let us know when you make your donation.