Sunday 18 November 2012

Survey Launched of East Finchley CPZ

Finchley and Golders Green MP, Mike Freer, has launched a survey seeking views from residents of East Finchley's all day CPZ.  You can complete the survey here:

The initiative is surprising given that Mike Freer has long argued that he has no role in or power over Barnet Council's parking policies.  The fact that Mr Freer now recognises that, as an elected representative, he should seek to address his residents' concerns even if they relate to Council business, is to be welcomed.

But there is one glaring omission in the survey.  There is no mention of cost.  The survey only asks for views about the CPZ's operational hours.

Some residents, because of their particular circumstances, will want either long or short operational hours irrespective of cost.  Factors will be how many visitors they have and how close they live to East Finchley High Road.

But for many residents, the question whether they prefer long hours (which will mean buying a lot of visitor vouchers) or short hours (and therefore buying few) will inevitably depend on cost.  After all,   few people can countenance paying what until very recently was a minimum of £4.16 for each visitor. 

We encourage you to complete Mr Freer's survey if you are affected but it's unfortunate that he has not grasped the nettle of cost.  After all, it's possible many residents would accept or even welcome long, all day restrictions if the charges were reasonable?  And wouldn't Barnet Council receive just as much revenue selling a lot of cheap visitor vouchers as selling a few very expensive ones?