Tuesday 19 April 2011

Barnet CPZ Action issues statement over council's false parking charge claim

Nick Walkley
Chief Executive
L B Barnet
North London Business Park
Oakleigh Road South
London N11 1NP
Monday 18 April 2011
Dear Mr Walkley

We were concerned to hear on the ITV London Tonight news (15 April) a statement in the name of Barnet Council saying that the increases in parking charges coming into force today are: "in line with other London boroughs".

This statement is false and we would like to ask you formally to ensure that any statements issued by the council are consistent with the facts. It is dishonest for the council to mislead residents by trying to justify the increases in parking charges with false statements.

The statement that Barnet's parking charges are 'in line' with other London boroughs is false whichever way you interpret. the facts. The percentage increase is higher than any other borough. The actual charges are higher than any outer London borough and any borough operating a flat-rate residents permit scheme. They are also higher than for most permits in the inner London boroughs, which offer graduated schemes based on environmental impact.

For instance even in Westminster, residents permits for cars with engines below 1200c are £83 compared with £100 in Barnet.  Residents permits for smaller engine cars are more expensive in Barnet than in Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Camden and Islington.

These councils operate price bands designed to influence the use of higher polluting vehicles, so that a Bentley is charged more than a Mini - Barnet is certainly not 'in line' with them and charges gas guzzlers the same as low emission vehicles.

We are formally asking you to arrange for a public statement to be issued by the council that confirms that the increases and parking permit charges in Barnet are not 'in line' with other London boroughs, and that gives the council's reasons for the increases being imposed today.  No proper explanation has been given to residents so far.

A price comparison chart showing parking charges in various London Boroughs can be viewed here.

Yours sincerely,
Philippa Worke Debbie Linron, Diane Johnson Ana Sanchez-Martin, Chris Price,
Peter Cox, Nigel Linton, Ray Bussell, Gez Sagar, David Attfield.

Ham and High latest to cover Barnet CPZ legal action

Thanks to the Ham and High for writing about our High Court legal action against Barnet Council. Click on the link below to read the full article:


Wednesday 13 April 2011

Legal proceedings have been issued!

  • Legal Proccedings have been isued!
  • We await a crucial Court decision on whether our exposure to Barnet's legal costs will be capped.  

When Barnet Council responded to our letter of claim, they didn't raise anything new to alter our view that the new CPZ parking charges are unlawful.  Barnet Council did however threaten to hold David Attfield responsible for any loss of revenue if he asked the court to delay implementation of the increased charges whilst the court case is decided – so understandably he has not done so.

So on Monday 11th April a group of us went to the High Court with David to submit the papers. Now we have to wait to see if the court agrees that we have a case and for them to decide on our application to limit our liability for Barnet’s costs.

We still need to raise awareness – because Barnet are not sending out notices many people will have no idea this is happening until they receive their permit renewal. So think of anyone you know in the borough and call them – if you do it before Sunday 17th they could still get their permits and vouchers at the old price.  And ask them to get involved – we still need to  raise more money.