Thursday 31 March 2011

Barnet Council promise to respond to our claim on.....April Fool's Day

Barnet Council ask for more time to respond to our Claim

It's not often that Barnet Council and Brian Coleman are lost for words but our letter of claim seems to have stumped them.

We submitted our letter of claim on 11 March and Court rules dictate that Barnet Council should have responded by Friday the 25th. On the 28th, however, they wrote asking for more time. We've agreed that they can put in their response on 1 April.

Are Barnet Council using the time well to address our claim  properly or, better still, to reconsider their position? Or will we get a repeat of the nonsense we have had to date: that we are paying a small price for the privilege of living in a CPZ?

We will soon find out. But as much as ever, we need to keep the pressure up. Please:

Write to your councillor 
Print off and display our campaign poster (download it at the "Important Links" tab. 
Tell your friends and neighbours about our campaign.
And donate what you can.

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