Friday 18 May 2012

BBC You and Yours

Edmund King, President of the AA and David Attfield discuss Barnet's parking charges on BBC You and Yours broadcast on Friday 18th May 2012.

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  1. Nice to see this is getting some air time. It makes my blood boil. A point that the host made was incorrect, about benefits of living in a controlled parking zone, that you don't have to fight for a parking space. Correction: my road a controlled zone for residents only, often I have no space on the road if I arrive back after 7pm and have to park one or two roads away. My charge is still over one hundred pounds a year for that privilege.

    Also, we cannot have a BBQ or have party for our young children. Yes we can have one but at the cost of 20-30 pounds for parking. Not going to happen. We need to up this effort to get this changed. I am happy to assist.