Sunday 15 April 2012

Confusion reigns over CPZ charges - and a new CPZ charge is stealthily introduced

Although Barnet's CPZ parking charges are being  hiked again on 30 April, the official paperwork makes clear that the cost of annual permits will not rise IF they purchased online.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to have told the operators of Barnet's website because residents applying to renew their permits online have been charged the new rates (£105 for a first permit). If you've been overcharged, you may want to reclaim your £5 by emailing Barnet's parking team at

Meanwhile, tucked away in the small print, we've noticed that a totally new CPZ charge has stealthily been introduced. From 30 April, residents will be charged £20 for a temporary parking dispensation for themselves. A dispensation is usually sought when a resident is using a courtesy car for a few days or is changing their car. The dispensation is intended to cover the time it takes to obtain a new permit. The effect is that replacing your car will now cost £41 in additional permit charges (£21 to to transfer the permit to your new car and £20 for a temporary dispensation while you wait for your new permit to arrive in the post).  A year ago, both services were free of charge.  

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