Sunday 8 May 2011

Barnet Council finally respond, and the gloves come off

Update on the Legal Action

If you've been following our campaign, you will know that we have applied to the Court to set a cap on David Attfield's exposure to Barnet's legal costs in the event he loses. Barnet have finally put in their response to this application. Not surprisingly, they oppose there being any cap on their legal costs. In summary, Barnet's response is as follows (you may think some of their points to be a bit cheap):

1. The case only concerns "a limited number of residents of the Borough of Barnet" and, therefore, is not a case of broad importance. [We of course disagree. In any event, the case concerns everyone in Barnet: i.e it concerns the 90% of residents who are being subsidised and not just the 10% who are doing the subsidising]
2. David is simply opposed to the "extent of spending cuts in Barnet" and his claim is "purely political". His remedy should be the ballot box and not the court.

3. David's case "is solely based on his desire to avoid incurring extra financial expense to park outside his home".        

4. Barnet Council have instructed one of the country's leading QCs, James Goudie, despite the fact that they know that David will largely be conducting the action himself.

The court may now take a few weeks to decide whether to cap Banet's costs and, if so, at what level.   It is vital that we then have a big enough fighting fund to carry on with the action. Please, if you support our action, donate what you can now. You can use the Paypal link or send a cheque made payable to Barnet CPZ Action to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    


  1. I hardly call 10,000 residents with car permits a limited number and if more CPZ zones are introduced the number will only increase in the future.

  2. I have to pay to park outside my home. About taxing the rich who can afford houses with driveways that do not have to pay to park outside their homes. The rich get richer while the poor pay more

  3. A protest of Barnet residents mounted outside the premises of the QC appointed would be a good thing. QCs dislike publicity and being shown up. If he backs out of the job other QCs will know why and be chary.
    I live in a long cul de sac where there has been free parking except for the middle of day period. The Council notices about change coming in the way of the CPZ applying were craftily positioned at either end of it, on lamposts where affected drivers could not see.

  4. I am particularly against the visitors permits. These high prices will ruin our community. It is anti-social. It is short sighted by Barnet's councillors who are blinded by greed.
    I want to visit/be visited by my Barnet friends every day. I want to support Barnet local shops. I want to see pretty London front gardens not concrete.Thanks for posting the comparison of other London boroughs parking fees- most enlightening. If Barnet manage to make these increases stick other London boroughs will follow.