Thursday 26 January 2012

While we wait for our Court hearing on 8 February, some interesting facts

In the days leading up to our Court hearing on 8 February, we will be posting some of the facts that we have discovered whilst preparing our case.

Fact No 1: Quadrupling the cost of a visitor voucher to £4 has raised little extra money. 
The Council's own "Parking Recovery Plan" acknowledges that there have been "high levels of resistance" to the CPZ charges. You bet there has!  Papers published by the Council just last week reveal the extent of this resistance:

Visitor Vouchers sold in 2010/11: 298,506  i.e  £298,506 of revenue
Visitor vouchers sold 2011/12 to date (9.5 months): 79,200  i.e. £316,800 of revenue

In a few days time we will reveal what has happened to the number of parking tickets issued by Barnet.

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